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How to Brighten up a Kitchen with Dark Countertops- 5 Amazing Tips

A lot of kitchens have dark countertops these days. And not just because they’re trendy (though, they are). Dark countertops are easy to care for and stay looking fresh for a long time.

If you’re thinking about getting new counters but need some advice, we’ve got five tips to brighten up your kitchen with dark countertops.

#1: Add a large mirror to reflect light

#2: Use strategically placed white walls

#3: Utilize natural light

#4: Add colorful artwork and plants or flowers to bring life into the kitchen

#5: Change up the cabinets or drawers for some variety

Brighten up a Kitchen with Dark Countertops
Brighten up a Kitchen with Dark Countertops

 Countertop colors

Countertops are one of the most popular kitchen remodeling projects, and they come in a variety of colors. If you’re thinking about changing your countertop color, but don’t know what to pick, here’s some advice to help you decide.

#1: Use light colors on the walls to reflect light

#2: Choose light-colored cabinets or drawers

#3: White linens and dishes will also help reflect light

#4: Utilize natural light as much as possible

#5: Add colorful artwork for a pop of color

Countertops in small kitchens

In small kitchens, dark counters are a great way to provide a clean and sleek look. If you have a small kitchen, you might not have the space for an island or other large piece of furniture. This is where dark counters come in handy. They create more space on the countertop and they make your kitchen look bigger than it is.

Countertops in large kitchens

One of the most common dark counters is black. Black countertops are often chosen because they’re easier to care for and stay looking fresh for a long time. But black countertops can seem dark in large kitchens.

One way to add some light into your large kitchen with dark countertops is by adding a large mirror on one wall. The reflection will bounce natural light throughout the space, which will make it feel brighter and less heavy overall.

Another way to brighten up your kitchen with dark countertops is to place white walls around the perimeter of the space. White walls will reflect sunlight, which will make your kitchen feel lighter too.

The third strategy for making a kitchen with dark counters feel more cheerful is by using natural light as much as possible. Let in as much sunshine or artificial light as you can whenever possible so that when you’re inside that kitchen it doesn’t seem so dark and gloomy any longer.

Use these three strategies in combination–mirrors, white walls, and natural light–to give your home’s big kitchen a fresh new look!

Countertops with a backsplash

Dark countertops with a backsplash is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to replace their entire kitchen.

Countertops with a backsplash are best for kitchens with limited space or when you’re not looking to change your kitchen color scheme. The countertops will still be dark, but the light color of the backsplash will add some life to the room.

The downside is that the cost of adding a backsplash may not be worth it if you’re only looking to brighten up your kitchen. But, if you’re on a tight budget and want some brightening up, consider this option.

How to add color to dark counters

One way to bring color into a dark kitchen is with artwork. If you have a small kitchen, then you could use a piece of art on one wall or try using a smaller piece of art in the middle of the counter.

If you want something that is more visually interesting and provides some color, then try using plants or flowers. You can also add colorful dishes and cups so they are visible from across the room.

The best way to brighten up your dark counters is with light. Adding natural sunlight or artificial light helps to illuminate the room and make it feel livelier.

The best way to incorporate this is by adding windows that face east or west for natural light during the day, or adding lamps in corners of your room for artificial light at night. For kitchens with no windows, installing skylights may be an option as well.

#6: Add some texture to the counter

Adding texture will help give your counters more life while also giving them a sense of warmth because it will show off less dirt than a smooth surface would.

There are many ways to add texture like by adding salt and pepper shakers on the counter without clear tops, using bowls with dried pasta placed in them, placing wooden spoons next to cookbooks, or adding decorative stones or pebbles on top of cabinets or drawers.

How to use white walls, natural light, and artwork to brighten up your kitchen

To brighten up your kitchen, use white walls and natural light.

Natural light is important because it provides an ambient glow and makes the room feel more spacious. You don’t always have control of the natural light in your kitchen as there are often windows on just one side of a room.

If this is the case, you can paint the wall opposite of your window a light color to reflect some natural light into the room. This will help brighten up dark countertops in your kitchen and make it feel more open.

You should also work with what’s already in your kitchen to brighten it up with dark countertops. For instance, if you have artwork or plants hanging, place them near windows where they’ll get lots of natural light streaming through them. Your plants need sunlight to thrive so don’t forget to move them around when needed!

Currently, people tend to put their cabinets or drawers against a wall instead of placing them in the center of a room like before. If you do this, try changing up which cabinet is against which wall for some variety and interest!

 Benefits of a Dark Countertop

One of the benefits of having dark countertops is that they’re easy to care for. You can clean them with just soap and water. Just make sure you don’t use any abrasive cleaners on them. They will scratch easily.

The other benefit is that they can last a lot longer than light-colored counters. The natural oils in your hands won’t stain them as much, so it will take a long time before you need to replace them. That being said, be sure to get a top edge protector (or bar sink) to protect the edges from cooking grease or spills.

Additional Tips

We’ve got a few more tips to help you brighten up your kitchen with dark countertops.

– Add a well-lit backsplash behind the stove and sink: The back of the stove is not well lit in most kitchens, but it needs to be for safety reasons. You can add a light or change the placement of your range hood so that some of the overhead lights shines down on this area. A back splash behind your stove and sink will also help reflect light onto the countertops.

– Use colorful liners for drawers and cabinets: You can change out your drawer liners or cabinet doors for something less dark, like white or pale blue. This will give your kitchen a fresh look without spending too much money.

– Install LED or natural light bulbs: Adding LED bulbs or natural light bulbs are both easy ways to brighten up your kitchen with dark countertops. LED bulbs are cheaper and last longer than traditional bulbs while natural light provides a more even lighting throughout the room.


If you want to brighten up your kitchen, here are some tips.

Add a large mirror to reflect light: This is a quick and easy way to make your kitchen look brighter. You don’t have to go out and purchase new furniture or paint the walls. Simply adding a mirror will help bounce light around for an instant uplift!

Use strategically placed white walls: If you’re not feeling up to painting the room, or if you just love the dark countertops, use strategically placed white walls. Doing so will make your kitchen feel much lighter and airier.

Utilize natural light: One of the best ways to brighten up any room is with natural light! Use windows in your kitchen as often as possible, especially near cooking areas. Widen them out for more natural light or install skylights for an even better effect.

Add colorful artwork and plants or flowers: A splash of color can do wonders for a space! Add some artwork with bold colors or plants/flowers to bring life into the area.

Change up the cabinets or drawers: For variety, change up the cabinets or drawers in your kitchen instead of painting them white like you might want to do with other rooms in your home. Using different materials can add depth and contrast that will make it feel fresh and new again!

Brighten up a Kitchen with Dark Countertops


In this article, we’ve explored 5 quick and easy ways to brighten up your kitchen. From using color to complement your countertops to adding artwork to the wall, there are many creative ways to add some atmosphere to your kitchen.

Try out these tips and let us know what you think in the comments below.