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How To Replace a Kitchen Hood Fan: 4 Easy Steps.

A kitchen hood fan creates a circulation of air through the room by pulling in outside air and then pushing it throughout the kitchen. Without ventilation, you run the risk of suffocating from all of the cooking odors, smoke and steam that your kitchen produces.

This can be avoided by replacing your old kitchen hood fan with a new one that’s designed to keep your entire home clean and fresh. It’s important to find out what type of hood you have before buying a replacement though so you know exactly what size replacement fan will work best with your current venting system.

Today, we’ll talk about how to replace an old kitchen hood fan in just a few simple steps.

Replace a Kitchen Hood Fan
Replace a Kitchen Hood Fan

What are the different types of kitchen hood fans?

There are three different types of kitchen hoods: natural, mechanical and electrostatic. The natural kitchen hood utilizes a fan that is powered by air moving through the room. Mechanical fans use a motor to pull in outside air and push it through the room. Electrostatic fans use ionized particles to pull in outside air and then push it through the room.

How do you know what size replacement fan to buy?

The size of the replacement fan is determined by your existing venting system. Generally, a four-inch venting system will require a four-inch replacement fan. If you have a six-inch venting system, then you need a six-inch replacement fan. These measurements are taken from the outside of the unit to the inside of the unit.

First, find out what type of ventilation your kitchen has. Is it a single, two or three-pipe? If it’s just one pipe, then you can find any size replacement fan that you want. But if it’s two or three pipes then you need to know what kind of hood your unit has in order to purchase an appropriate replacement fan.

Now look on your old hood for markings that indicate its size. The bigger your old hood is, the more air it will move through per hour and therefore require more electricity to run than smaller units.

If you’re unsure how big your old hood is then measure it with a tape measure across its widest point and multiply that number by 2 to get the approximate cubic feet per hour (CFH) rating required for its size.

What tools will you need to replace a kitchen hood fan?

You’ll need a few tools to replace an old kitchen hood fan. You’ll need an adjustable wrench, a flathead screwdriver, and duct tape.

1) Turn off your power

2) Remove the old kitchen hood fan and secure it to the wall with duct tape

3) Use the adjustable wrench to disconnect the existing venting system from the power switch

4) Take out a new kitchen hood fan and connect it to your new venting system

How do you take off the old fan?

Before you start the process of replacing your old kitchen hood fan, it’s important to understand how to take off your current one. If you have screws that hold the fan in place, then unscrew them. If you have a screwdriver and a bit that fits the screw head on the old fan, then use those to remove the screws from the old fan. Once all of the screws are removed from your old hood, you can pull it off by hand.

If you don’t know what type of screws your new replacement will use, just get a screwdriver and bit that fit your replacement’s head. To take off your old hood without any tools, start by turning on your kitchen exhaust fan and then pull on it until it is loose enough for you to remove.

The manufacturers will usually provide detailed instructions with their replacement fans so make sure you follow their directions carefully when replacing a kitchen hood fan.

Install the new fan.

The easiest way to replace a kitchen hood fan is to simply take it off the wall, turn off the power and then install the new one. If your old fan has screws that connect it to the wall, you simply unscrew them and then put in the screws for the new one. If your old fan uses clips, you’ll have to use a screwdriver to remove those and then install them on the new fan.

Testing the old one to make sure it’s working properly

Before replacing your old fan, it’s important to make sure that the old one is working properly. Sometimes, when a fan is just worn out or not working well enough, you can fix it by cleaning it or even changing the blades.

The first step in this process is testing the fan to see if it’s still working. If you’ve tried all of those things and your fan still isn’t functioning like it needs to be, then you’ll have to replace the entire unit with a new one.

The benefits of replacing an old kitchen hood fan

Replacing your old kitchen hood fan will ensure that your home is healthier and cleaner. It’s also a great way to avoid suffocation by making sure your kitchen has ventilation. These reasons are just the beginning of why it’s worth replacing an old kitchen hood fan.

A new kitchen hood can also save you money in the long-run. In order to do this, you’ll need to find out how much you should spend on a new kitchen hood fan before purchasing one.


A kitchen hood fan is a vital part of your kitchen. They help to regulate the temperature and remove odors that can sometimes build up in your kitchen. But what happens if the fan needs to be replaced? Follow our easy step-by-step guide on how to replace a kitchen hood fan!

To replace a kitchen hood fan, you need the following tools:

· Phillips screwdriver

· Wrench

· Socket set

· Wire stripper

· Pliers

· Wire cutters

· Electrical tape

· Tape measure

· Vacuum cleaner

· Drill

· Replacement fan

Image Source: Home Fixated

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