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Ninja Professional XL Food Processor Review: Expert Tested And Reviewed

As a seasoned home chef who’s put countless food processors through their paces, I approached the Ninja Professional XL Food Processor with high expectations.

This machine promises to transform your kitchen routine, combining robust performance and versatile attachments into one sleek package designed to tackle any recipe.

In my hands-on testing, from shredding cheese to kneading dough, this powerhouse streamlined meal prep impressively. Stay tuned for an in-depth review that dives into every setting and attachment—whether you’re whipping up nut butter or slicing veggies—and even tackles the often-dreaded cleanup process.

By the end of this review, you’ll know if it’s time to make room on your countertop for this modern cooking marvel.

Ninja Professional XL Food Processor
ModelProfessional XL Food Processor
Power1200 peak-watt motor
Bowl Capacity12 Cups
Number of Speeds7
Functionality4-in-1 (chopping, slicing/shredding, purees, dough)
Auto-iQ Programs4 Auto-iQ easy preset programs
Variable Slice SettingsYes
Blade TechnologyNinja blade technology
Feed ChuteXL feed chute with 3-part pusher
Reversible Shredding DiscYes (fine and coarse)
Dishwasher-Safe ComponentsYes
Quick AssemblyYes
Power SourceElectric
Item Weight12.3 pounds
Recipe Inspiration GuideIncluded (10-recipe guide)
Family-Sized CapacityYes (perfect for families and entertaining guests)

Ninja Professional XL Summary

The Ninja Professional XL is a powerhouse in the kitchen, streamlining the food prep process with ease. Its robust motor and multi-functionality make it an indispensable tool for culinary tasks.

This machine has proven its worth in my kitchen time and again. The variety of functions means I can chop vegetables for a stew, shred cheese for pizza night, or even knead dough for homemade bread—all with one device.

Its large capacity bowl is a game-changer for those who cook in bulk or host gatherings. No need to process ingredients in multiple batches; this best food processor blender combo handles it all at once, saving valuable time.

Despite its many positives, users should be aware that such versatility comes with complexity. Initially mastering the various settings and attachments may take some effort but rest assured that once familiarized, operation becomes second nature.

In scenarios where speed is of the essence—like whipping up dips or sauces minutes before guests arrive—the Ninja Professional XL delivers consistently smooth results swiftly. For more labor-intensive tasks like slicing vegetables uniformly, it demonstrates precision without faltering.

However, not every task is flawless; while shredding softer cheeses can result in clumping inside the chute—a minor inconvenience—it’s nothing that can’t be managed with a bit of practice and patience.

From personal experience using this appliance during meal prep Sundays to efficiently tackle chopping onions (without tears) to creating perfect coleslaw mixtures has been transformative. It’s apparent why this model would appeal to anyone from busy parents preparing family meals to social butterflies entertaining friends regularly.

Key Features

The Ninja Professional XL Food Processor stands out with its versatility. With a single machine, you can chop, slice, shred and even knead dough. This 4-in-1 functionality makes it an all-encompassing tool for any kitchen task.

I appreciate the large capacity of the 12-cup processor bowl. It’s perfect when I’m preparing meals for family gatherings or meal prepping for the week ahead. The size means fewer batches and more efficiency.

What sets this food processor apart is its variable slice settings. Adjusting thickness on-the-fly without swapping blades is a game-changer for recipes that call for different textures.

The reversible shredding disc has proven to be incredibly useful as well. Whether I need fine shreds of cheese or coarser pieces of vegetables, it delivers consistent results every time.

Clean-up is often a hassle with food processors, but not here – all components are dishwasher-safe which simplifies my post-cooking routine immensely.

Switching between tasks is seamless thanks to quick assembly features. Swapping discs and blades doesn’t interrupt my cooking flow—it’s straightforward and fast.

Powerful 1200 Peak-Watt Motor

Tough ingredients can often be the bane of food processing, but not with this Ninja Professional XL. Its 1200 peak-watt motor powers through hard foods like carrots and nuts without a hitch. I’ve personally tested it on everything from root vegetables to solid blocks of cheese.

The efficiency of this machine is noteworthy. It doesn’t just grind or chop; it does so quickly. This means less time prepping in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meals. In my experience, making nut butter was surprisingly fast — and without any strain on the motor.

Consistency is another high point for this processor. Each use yields uniform results, whether you’re dicing onions for salsa or shredding cabbage for coleslaw. My homemade pesto came out perfectly blended every single time, thanks to the powerful motor that ensures no uneven chunks are left behind.

4-in-1 Functionality

The Ninja Professional XL Food Processor’s 4-in-1 functionality is a game-changer for anyone looking to declutter their kitchen counters. It masterfully takes on the roles of chopper, slicer, puree maker, and dough mixer.

By consolidating these tasks into one device, it eliminates the need for separate appliances that would otherwise take up valuable space. In my experience with this food processor, I’ve found its ability to transition between functions incredibly convenient seamlessly. For instance, preparing a complex meal that requires both chopped vegetables and kneaded dough becomes a streamlined process.

This efficiency isn’t just about saving space; it’s also about reducing cleanup time. Instead of washing multiple gadgets after cooking, there’s only one bowl and set of blades to clean in the Ninja Professional XL Food Processor. And since they’re dishwasher-safe components, tidying up is further simplified.

However, while this multifunctionality is impressive on paper—and indeed practical—it does come with a learning curve. Initially setting up the correct attachments for each function took me some trial and error before I could switch between them effortlessly.

In different scenarios—whether dicing carrots for stew or mixing ingredients for homemade pizza dough—the performance remains consistent across all four functions. The versatility extends beyond simple recipes too; creating nut butters or finely shredding cheese showcases its capability to handle both tough and delicate jobs alike.

For families or those who entertain guests frequently, this processor has proven indispensable in my kitchen due to its family-sized capacity bowl which accommodates larger quantities without compromising on quality or consistency of results.

12-Cup Processor Bowl

The Ninja Professional XL’s 12-cup processor bowl is a game-changer for anyone who cooks in larger quantities. Whether you’re meal prepping for the week or hosting a dinner party, this sizable bowl handles it all with ease.

I’ve found that its capacity significantly cuts down on time spent processing ingredients in batches. When I’m tasked with making dishes like coleslaw or salsa for family gatherings, the spaciousness of the bowl means I can mix everything in one go—no need to pause and empty it out partway through.

For those worried about feeding multiple mouths, rest assured; this food processor has your back. It’s become my go-to when cooking for groups, streamlining what was once a multi-step process into something far more manageable.

However, while its size is an asset when dealing with large amounts of food, storage can be tricky if kitchen space is at a premium. In my experience though, the convenience during use outweighs any minor inconvenience when putting it away.

Variable Slice Settings and Reversible Shredding Disc

The Ninja Professional XL Food Processor’s variable slice settings are a game-changer for anyone who loves to cook. With the ability to customize thickness, I found myself experimenting with different textures in my salads and gratins that were simply not possible before. The precision is remarkable; whether you want paper-thin cucumbers or robust slices of tomato, this machine delivers consistently.

I appreciate having both fine and coarse shredding options at my fingertips. It means I can switch from preparing delicate slaws to hearty cheese toppings without skipping a beat. My experience with these features was largely positive, although it took some trial and error to find the perfect setting for certain vegetables.

Adapting this food processor to various recipes has been effortless due to its versatility in slicing and shredding capabilities. Whether I’m prepping ingredients for a quick weeknight meal or crafting an elaborate dish for friends, the Ninja Professional XL meets my needs beautifully.

Auto-iQ Technology and Ninja Blade Precision

Auto-iQ Technology in the Ninja Professional XL Food Processor is a game-changer for those who value efficiency in the kitchen. This smart feature simplifies food prep by providing pre-set programs tailored to common tasks like dough making, pureeing, and chopping.

The precision of Ninja’s blade system is evident with each use. Even as someone who enjoys cooking from scratch, I’ve found that these blades consistently deliver uniform results whether I’m mixing batters or finely chopping vegetables.

With Auto-iQ technology, there’s no second-guessing involved. It intelligently adjusts speeds and power through different stages of food processing without any manual intervention needed from my end.

From personal experience, I can attest to the convenience of not having to hover over my food processor, constantly adjusting settings. The automation allows me to multitask with confidence knowing that my ingredients will be processed perfectly every time.

However, it’s worth noting that while the Auto-iQ programs cover most needs well, creative cooks might sometimes miss the freedom to manually control every aspect of their food preparation process.

Despite this minor limitation for some users, overall suitability across various scenarios—from quickly whipping up salsas for a party to kneading bread dough—is impressive due to these intelligent features combined with high-quality blades.

The consistency achieved by Ninja Blade Precision really stands out when preparing dishes requiring fine textures like nut butters or smooth hummus. Here again though if you’re aiming for chunkier consistencies you may need a bit more manual control which isn’t provided by preset functions.

Ninja Professional XL Buying Guide

When selecting a food processor, the balance between power and capacity is vital. The Ninja Professional XL’s 1200 peak-watt motor ensures robust performance for tough tasks like kneading dough and chopping hard vegetables. However, its 12-cup bowl capacity might be more than a single person needs while being ideal for large families or those who entertain often.

Ease of use is another critical factor. I appreciate how simple it is to assemble the Ninja Professional XL; this design consideration saves time and frustration. Cleaning can be a chore with food processors, but since the components are dishwasher-safe, cleanup becomes hassle-free—a boon for anyone who dreads post-cooking tidiness.

The multifunctionality of this device cannot be overstated—it chops, slices, shreds, purees, and even handles dough. This versatility means that instead of cluttering my kitchen with multiple gadgets, I have just one that meets all my preparation needs. It’s important to assess whether these features align with your cooking habits to determine its true value.


Frequently Asked Questions

How powerful is the Ninja Professional XL Food Processor’s motor?

The motor peaks at a robust 1200 watts, making it a powerhouse for your kitchen tasks.

Can the Ninja Professional XL handle different types of food prep?

Absolutely! With its 4-in-1 functionality, it chops, slices, shreds, purees, and even makes dough with ease.

What size is the processing bowl on the Ninja Professional XL?

It boasts a generous 12-cup bowl capacity—perfect for big families or entertaining guests.

Does the Ninja Professional XL offer variable slicing options?

Yes indeed! It comes with variable slice settings to customize thickness like a pro chef.

Is there any technology in this processor that makes it easier to use?

Sure thing. The Auto-iQ Technology includes preset programs that take guesswork out of food prep, giving you precision at the touch of a button.

Are parts of the Ninja Professional XL dishwasher safe?

You betcha! Most components are dishwasher-safe which means cleanup’s a breeze after you’ve whipped up your culinary delights.

If I’m new to using food processors, will I find it difficult to assemble this one?

Not at all. Quick assembly features mean swapping discs and blades is as easy as pie. Plus, you get an inspiration guide with recipes to start off on the right foot.

Should You Buy the Ninja Professional?

When considering a kitchen appliance, particularly one as versatile as the Ninja Professional XL Food Processor, it’s crucial to weigh its capacity against your culinary needs. For those who often find themselves preparing meals for a family or entertaining guests, the generous 12-cup bowl is a game-changer. It means fewer batches and more efficiency in food preparation.

The ease of assembly is another factor that can’t be overlooked. The quick setup of discs and blades reduces the hassle often associated with food processors. In my experience, this convenience has made me more inclined to use the appliance even for simpler tasks.

However, it’s important to note that while the Ninja Professional boasts dishwasher-safe components, which promise easy cleanup, sometimes food particles can get trapped in nooks and crannies. This isn’t a dealbreaker but does require attention during cleaning to ensure hygiene and longevity of the appliance.

The 4-in-1 functionality is impressive, offering chopping, slicing/shredding, pureeing, and dough making capabilities. I’ve found that whether I’m kneading bread dough or shredding cheese, the results are consistently good. But remember, not all ingredients behave the same; softer cheeses might clump rather than shred neatly.

The inclusion of 4 Auto-iQ preset programs takes much of the guesswork out of processing. It’s reassuring for those who are new to using food processors or prefer a set-it-and-forget-it approach. Yet I must admit, there are times when I prefer manual control over specific tasks to achieve my desired texture.

For those concerned about storage space, it’s worth noting that this processor has a substantial footprint. Its size may require some kitchen reorganization if counter space is at a premium.

In conclusion, the Ninja Professional XL Food Processor is a robust kitchen ally. Its family-sized capacity and multifunctionality make it suitable for various culinary tasks – from quick weeknight dinners to elaborate holiday feasts. While it does have minor drawbacks in terms of cleaning and storage requirements, these are small trade-offs considering its overall performance and convenience. If you’re looking for an appliance that can keep up with your cooking demands and simplify your kitchen routine, the Ninja Professional XL is certainly worthy of consideration.